Tales of XXL Mullaghmore

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Peter Conroy and Danilo Couto recount tales from the biggest swell to hit Ireland last winter.

The dramatic voiceover at the start claims this is "fast becoming Ireland's premiere big wave spot". Which isn't strictly true, we'd say that Mully is probably Ireland's 'original' big wave spot and still holds its own amongst the more recent discoveries. Mullaghmore remains the most impervious to paddle despite a few notable attempts.

"I knew it was a good wave," says Irish hellman Peter Conroy. "I came off looking at the lads going 'did that just happen?' It was only when we came in off the pier, and the Photographer comes over saying, 'did you see this?' [...] I got panicky, because I saw the size of that lip and thought, if that had landed on me, I would be dead"