Teahupoo Pro Swell Angle

IT'S all in the angles here and unfortunately for the Teahupoo Billabong Pro this means it's not a good year. The bend in the reef which allows this wave to be just on the makeable side of certain death hoovers up southerly swells, but too much southwest and it closes out. A little bit of east allows the main section to stay open, but a few degrees too much and that's it, no surf. But there's more than one break on this island and Andy Irons and co have been surfing a secret reef pass for years. Right under the noses of the other top 45 pros and associated managers, sponsors and spouses these guys have been ripping up this reef pass. More exposed to a south-easterly swells - it's not Teahupoo but it's still up there - just about as good as it gets.
The last 3 to five years we've been surfing here, now the secret's out, we jinxed it by talking about how great it was.Andy Irons

Dustin Barca

Andy surfing was unbelievable I think being out there made him realise he's still the man. He definitely stepped up to the plate and smoked him. Dustin Barca

Occy's perspective

It was smoking, Teahupoo was three foot but up there it was eight, with some ten fooot ones coming through. The secret's out now but we got pretty lucky in having it for so many years to ourselves.Occy

Parko's point

Its really not far away you know. We came past Teahupoo and it was just like a lake. Parko
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Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley