Teahupoo Swell Alert

IS Dane Reynolds scared of big waves? Teahupoo looks set to erupt for the Billabong Pro Tahiti during the latter half of the waiting period. Let's clarify this, there are going to be waves throughout the holding period. Unusually Billabong are turning on the webcast a day early for the freesurf later today (Friday) which is going to pump. Watch that here.

Then we'll see a drop in the swell (all of which will be better than the high point last year) and on Wednesday the 24th it's forecast to get silly. As if on a mission to undertake reparations for the last few years when we haven't seen proper Teahupoo. This year, if the current numbers hold-up, will get too big to paddle at the peak of swell next weekend. 13ft at 19 seconds? That's Laird and Dorian on a plane territory.

The caveat is that this is yet to happen, forecasts are right on their edge and it's far too early to be exact. But the good news is several-fold and right now there are no adverse factors we can see which could prevent this swell generating.

Southern Hemisphere jet stream charts show a perfectly positioned and orientated kink in the jet stream, responsible for the creation of several strong and close low pressure systems perfectly directed towards Teahupoo (190-200 degrees). All of these storms originate south of Australia and intensify below New Zealand before charging up and promising to scare the wits out of the best we've got.

Big scary waves and balls-to-the-wall surfing. This is what the World Tour should be about right? Maybe it'll be the shot in the buttock 2011 has been needing.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley