Tested to Destruction: O&E World's Strongest Leash

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When Ocean & Earth offered us an exclusive on their new World's Strongest Leash (the One XT Premium), we couldn't just take them at their word could we? Despite being a manufacturer we've always trusted for their focus on creating functional and quality gear, this is one item which we could easily put to the test.

A leash is a crucial bit of kit and failure in the wrong place could put you in a nasty spot, yet it is something we surfers often take a little for granted. How often do you change your old rope? Maybe only after it fails? Us too. Perhaps we should be taking more care looking after the lifeline between our expensive boards and priceless existence.

Setting out our testing station in a nearly deserted car park we pulled each of our 6ft leashes at a steady 2000rpm from the back of an old Golf until the inevitable happened. A takeaway from this experiment is that any new leash is a damn strong pice of kit, and even our generic benchmark item (the kind you get free with a softboard) stretched more than 3 times its original length before giving in.

Moving from that cheapie item to a more standard performance leash the increased elasticity in the material was immediately evident. Each of our test leashes were 6ft when they started and many multiples of that by the time they reached their limit.

As for our object under scrutiny, the One XT Premium, well it stretched to 14 metres before giving way with a twang you'd hope never to hear at your local beachie. Beating the old version of by approximately 2 metres and stretching to 7.5 times its original length. Is it the strongest leash in the world? We can only say for certainty that it outlasted all the other leashes on test and stretched so far you were wondering if the car park would be long enough.

You can peruse it here.