The 100K Kid

MATT Meola's 100K winning edit from the Innersection movie, Taylor Steele's DVD for the noughties, shot by surfers, voted on by you and a marketing triumph for slumping surf flicks.

Nothing has gripped the surf media like the Innersection project. Taylor Steele bent all media to his direction, 1000s of words flowed and status flashed till they died, as one by one the surfer submissions were whittled down to 25 in the final edit. Every surf town held premieres as the social media juggernaut ploughed its early adopting furrow.

Finally, if you actually purchased the DVD you got to vote for the surfer you thought deserved 100K and you chose the 21-year-old rotor blade Matt Meola. Here's his winning section from a show-stealing idea that ended up transcending its final product. Did the DVD sell? Did anyone enjoy it? We're not sure that ended-up mattering.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley