The Barbados Championship series - Event #2

March 22st, 2011
PARLOUR, BATHSHEBA, BARBADOS (Saturday March 19th and Sunday March 20th, 2011)- Parlour's serene beach scene was rocked over the weekend as the best Barbadian adult and junior surfers took to its warm waters. Head Judge Nicholas Donawa and Contest director Paul Heaselgrave said the waves were a timid, chest high with a slight chop out the north, perfect for all levels competing.

The conditions seemed right for Open Men's champion, Christopher Clarke, whose experience in wave selection and smooth style were too much for the juniors who were nipping at his feet. Making his first appearance in an open final, Curtio Brathwait, the only Bathsheba local junior, was a standout in his backyard surroundings. His committed turns were constantly a threat to Chris and he placed a commendable second. Daniel Edghill and Josh Burke seemed to loose their momentum in the final as the waves became erratic, where wave selection became critical to execute their progressive maneuvers. Daniel eventually finished 3rd and Josh 4th with only 0.2 points separating them.

The Open Women final again showed Barbados the intensity the local women surfers can bring. Not ideal conditions for the two radicals, who enjoy steep large waves, but the contest hungry duo left no wave to the imagination. In the end Chelsea Tuach found two stronger waves and bested good friend Chelsea Roett to take the top podium position.

In his first appearance in an Open Longboarding competition, Daniel Edghill took top honors as he defeated Surfer's Point locals Andre Clarke and Brandon Frazier. Daniel's transition from short board to longboard seemed effortless as he pulled maneuvers reminiscent of Hawaii's Bonga Perkins. Andre's smooth transitions and long nose rides placed him 2nd. While Brandon's off-the-lips placed him 3rd.

In the under 21 division, the kids pumped out their best maneuvers to stretch the judges imagination and open up their heat sheets. In this fierce battle, Daniel Edghill's excellent display of aerial maneuvers combined with aggressive top turns left no doubt that this 14 year old is the future of Barbados surfing, scoring a 10.07 out of 20. Joshua Burke who placed 2nd ,with 8.43, was a definite standout of the two days. Consistent, accurate, and creative, he wrecked havoc on the nerves of everyone he went up against. And not shy of the boy's talent, Chelsea Tuach showed she had just as much talent to compete with her Y chromosome friends, scoring a close 8.00 to place 3rd. And in 4th place the local representative, Curtio Brathwaite seeming to struggle for good waves, scored a 5.83.

In the Under 18 division, Caelum Blandford was a force to be reckoned with, capturing his first win! With solid surfing and true dedication, Caelum sealed the deal, besting favourites Joshua Burke, Daniel Edghill, and Che Allan. Joshua surfed consistent, but some radical turns from Caelum sealed his fate. Daniel made the most of his waves but couldn't quite find the one he was looking for, while Che held his own to show just why he deserved to be in the finals.

In the boys Under 16 final, Joshua Burke found his top rhythm and obliterated the competition with two high scoring rides totaling 10.67, the highest total in a final for the contest. Coming in 2nd, Daniel Edghill managed an 8.57 showcasing his signature maneuvers. 3rd place went to Caelum Blandford who looked strong leading up to the final but was unable to find a high scoring second wave to back him up. 4th position went to 12 year old Che Allan who found shelter in a mini barrel.

Girls Under 18 saw the familiar competition between Roett and Tuach, and Isabella Venezia and Chelsea Grant. In this exchange Chelsea Roett was the obvious victor. Scoring a solid 9 points out of 20, she was a clear 2 points ahead of Chelsea Tuach. Isabella in turn managed to grab one wave late in the heat to best friend Chelsea Grant in difficult conditions.

The high tide proved difficult for the Under 12s, who despite their small stature and hyper-activeness, found catching waves difficult in the 20 minutes allotted to them. Each competitor catching the minimum amount of scoring waves made the most of each ride. With conditions deteriorating for the young ones it was anyone's win. Che Allan capitalized with a strong first wave, securing his first place finish. The Second and third battle was as close as they come. Neither Zander Venezia nor Andrew Rose were able to find a good wave out of their two and the judges call came down to a 0.06 difference with Zander taking 2nd and Andrew 3rd. In 4th place the eager Jacob Burke fell victim to the difficult conditions and was also unable to find a strong ride. Taking 5th,newcomer Liam Grant made a valiant effort to compete in the challenging conditions with the other seasoned under 12s.

In the super light division of the under 10s, the dark water and long paddle out seemed intimidating, but with the help of caddies from the Barbados Surfing Association committee, they buckled up their courage and made a paddle for it. Hardly intimidated by anything, Zander Venezia, paddled ferociously at everything in his path. Solidifying him as the best under 10 surfer on this day. Darian Pitcher found his secret spot in the line up catching two commendable rides to secure a second place finish. Caleb Rapson who was eager to paddle out found catching the set waves difficult and despite one great wave was unable to find a second. A big congratulations to these three brave young boys.

From young to old, the Senior Men's division called on the more experienced surfers to strut their stuff in front of the Junior crowd. Christopher Clarke, who won the division, slashed and dashed around Second placed finisher Luis Venezia who held his own finishing within 0.5 points. A special visit by Barbados grown Geoffrey Tryhayne, who spends most his time in Canada, was on holiday at the time and took part in the event. "My arms won't work" he claimed with a big smile on his face. "I need a few more days warm up before doing something like this". Geoffrey came 3rd in the end.

For the Masters Carlos Wharton took top honors with fellow competitors Simon Coles 2nd, Luis Venezia 3rd, and Melanie Pitcher 4th. The deteriorating condition proved a challenge but all said they had fun.

The weekends competition also showcased the first Monster Expression Session. Ambitious competators were alowed to free surf, while the crowd cheered in encouragement of every radical maneuver. In the end it was Caelum Blandford who walked away with Monster's prize of energy drinks by throwing a massive arial.

Sponsored by Banks, Aqua-loc, and Monster Energy Drink.

The Barbados Surfing Association would like to thank the local Bathsheba Community for allowing us to host this event and looks forward to future events in the area.  

The next event will be the School Championships held at Drill Hall ("Brandens") on April 16th and 17th 2011. Brandens, is a long left breaking wave with multiple sections perfect for acrobatic maneuvers. The Battle for top school is on!

About the Barbados Surfing Association:

The Barbados Surfing Association is a registered charity of Barbados created to promote the sport of surfing in all its forms within the island of Barbados.  We will preserve sport and the unique culture surrounding it for the public, now and into the future.

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Official Results

Official Results