The Barbados Junior Surfing Club completes Event 2 of the BJSC Burkie Junior Surf Series sponsored b

20th March 2010 - South Point, Christ Church, Barbados. Barbados Junior Surfing Club ("BJSC").

The gauntlets have been thrown and the lines drawn in the sand as Barbados' finest junior surfers contested the second event of five in the Barbados Junior Surfing Club's - 2010 Burkies Junior Surfing Series at South Point in Barbados.

It's clear to all that a very healthy rivalry is brewing between Josh Burke (13) and Dane Mackie (12), these two Barbadian groms are showing that the innovative & progressive maneuvers that the new judging criteria enforces is certainly not out of their reach. Throughout the contest they consistently burst their fins out the back of every wave, throwing tail slides and airs into the mix to the pleasure of the crowd of surfing fans and parents lining South Point's infamous rocks. Chelsea Roett, Chelsea Tuach and Ametza Nicholls continue to show that they can compete with the boys and are "no surf overs". The Chelseas threw some big backhand blasts on South Point's lefts with Ametza, the lone goofy footer of the three girls, mauling the waves with her forehand hack.

BJSC President Alan Burke commented "I was proud and extremely impressed by the level of surfing that took place in the challenging 3-5ft semi choppy conditions that South Point spat out for the kids. I think we are seeing progress beyond our expectations." He added "In our Menehune class of 2010, Che Allan, Andrew Rose, Lilly Von Treuenfels and Jacob Burke have improved by notches! I was equally impressed by the efforts of Josh Galt, Yuri Scutt, and new comers to our girls division this year Kayla Archer and Alex Cole, as well as the progress seen in the surfing of our youngest competitor in the BJSC 8-year old Zander Venezia." It was also true on the day that despite some large swells rolling into the lineup, the beginner surfers did not require the presence of water patrol as they deftly handled the conditions on their own merits.

Results for Event #2 of the BJSC Burkie Junior Surf Series:

Three divisions saw the winners row unchanged. In the premier division U-18 boys, utilizing the choppy wave faces, 13 year old Joshua Burke showed off his progressive moves with aerial 180 reverses and high flying floaters to take the 1st place from 17 year old Bruce Mackie who is well known for throwing similar turns with ease. U-18 girls, Chelsea Roett maintained her 1st place ranking over her rival and namesake Chelsea Tuach. Che Allan continued his dominance in the 10-U, winning his sixth straight event from Jacob Burke 2nd and Andrew Rose 3rd who are fighting to dethrone him. Daniel Edghill took the U-16 in a close fought heat from Chelsea Roett. The usual multi division winner Dane Mackie managed one win, taking the 12-U boys win away from Josh Burke and then losing his pet event by finishing 3rd in the 14-U to Chelsea Tuach who was 1st, with Josh Burke 2nd. This division also saw a new face to the podium, the ever improving Josh Galt. The newly contested 12-U girls, which was introduced to encourage more girls to participate found Isabella Venezia dethroning favorite and past winner Lilly Von Treuenfels 2nd, and first time competitor Kayla Archer 3rd.

10 & Under
(1) Che Allan
(2) Jacob Burke
(3) Andrew Rose
(4) Zander Venezia
(5) Lilly Von Treuenfels

12 & Under (Boys)
(1) Dane Mackie
(2) Joshua Burke
(3) Che Allan
(4) Nicholas O'Neal

12 & Under (Girls)
(1) Isabella Venezia
(2) Lilly Von Treuenfels
(3) Kayla Archer
(4) Anna Aimetti
(5) Alex Cole

14 & Under
(1) Chelsea Tuach
(2) Josh Burke
(3) Dane Mackie
(4) Daniel Edghill
(5) Che Allan
(6) Josh Galt

Under 16
(1) Daniel Edghill
(2) Chelsea Roett
(3) Dane Mackie
(4) Josh Burke
(5) Chelsea Tuach
(6) Che Cheeseman

Under 18 (Boys)
(1) Josh Burke
(2) Bruce Mackie
(3) Dane Mackie
(4) Daniel Edghill

Under 18 (Girls)
(1) Chelsea Roett
(2) Chelsea Tuach
(3) Isabella Venezia
(4) Ametza Nicholls

A team of BJSC member surfers will be attending the 46th Annual Ron Jon Easter Surf festival in Cocoa Beach, Florida from April 2-4th, including Chelsea Roett & Chelsea Tuach, Jordan Heaselgrave, Dane Mackie, Josh Burke, Che Allan and Jacob Burke we wish them well for the contest and hope they do our Club and Barbados proud. Good luck!

About Us

The Barbados Junior Surfing Club was established in 2010 with a mission to develop junior surfing in Barbados. The Club assists its members in developing their surfing skills through structured surfing events, advice and training on matters such as surfing competition, judging and all other areas particular to the development of our sport in Barbados. The junior divisions that the Club runs at its surfing events are 10& Under, 12& Under, 14& Under, Under 16 and Under 18, as well as a division specifically for the 12& Under Girls and Under 18 Girls in our quest for our future Barbadian girls champions.

The next event on the BJSC's 2010 Calendar is the "Salty Mudd 'n' Egg" Treasure Hunt fun rally on April 17th from Harbour Lights, Barbados in effort to raise funds to advance the Club's activities

Event # 3 of the BJSC Burkie Junior Surfing Series is the ASHFORD DAIRIES sponsored event at Longbeach, Christ Church, Barbados on June 12th, 2010. We welcome our Barbados junior surfers and new regional and international members alike to join us.

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