9 of the Most Intense Moments from XL Europe Last Week


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Now, that's what we like to call an incredible run of swell for Europe. Everywhere across the Old Continent's western front went off, from the UK and Ireland, right down through to southern Spain and beyond.

Anyway, we know time is precious – and while we've got numerous features, images, vids and more out this week from this swell, we figured we'd save your thumbs and collate all the best moments in one handy spot. And quite frankly, you're welcome.

An incredible week of surfing for France

© 2021 - Seb Picaud

It's been wild over in the south of France, days upon days of pumping surf. We had hundreds of images fill up our inbox, but this from Seb Picaud from an eye up high shows how endless it all seemed. Remarkable. Feature, HERE.

The UK got it good too

© 2021 - Alan Danby.

Devon and Cornwall lit up over the past week – a few days of decent surf with light offshore wind and you know those north coast haunts are going to soon fill up. Locals made the most of it as they prep for the Easter masses to descend. Pics here from North Devon by Alan Danby.

Mechanical Mundaka

Watch the reeling points of Mundaka, the world's greatest rivermouth wave go off – for two hours straight on Tuesday. If you're wondering why more people ain't out there, some restrictions are still in place for Spain. This is mesmerising viewing. See the cam, HERE.

Aritz Aranburu at Mundaka

As you can probably tell, we love the Basque Country. And when one of the Basque legends dips into their local, you can bet sparks will fly.

Empty Nazare's day of the season

© 2021 - Helio Antonio

Did Laurent Pujol and To Cordoso get fined for shooting out there? Yes. Was it all an honest mistake? Yes too. But, can you imagine the footage? More on that soon. Meanwhile, our man on the ground Helio Antonio captured these legends as the sun dipped on a colossal XXL swell from Saturday. Full feature, HERE.

Nazare's magical day of surfing

© 2021 - Helio Antonio

Not as tall as its Saturday counter-part but Tuesday at Nazare was as groomed, as peaky and as fun as surfing can get. Don't take our word for it though, ask just about anyone out there that day. Or check our feature, HERE.

Willi Aliotti sets the pace

Everyone's favourite Guadalupan slash Frenchman sets the tone of this swell by hauling into a Hossegor bomb.

Pat Beven's Hossegor keg

Yeah, it's more Hossegor, but it's been all kinds of incredible over there this week. Case in point, Pat Beven's stylish barrel, right here.

Nic Von Rupp's Coxos banger

NVR doesn't care where he surfs, as long as it's big, slabby, barrelling or a combination of all the above. Here's a couple waves from Coxos, earlier in the week. And of course, Nic's edit from the session is next level stuff. Watch below.

This Northern Spain dream session

© 2021 - Mitxe Andreu

Natxo Gonzalez.

Natxo Gonzalez.

© 2021 - Mitxe Andreu

© 2021 - Mitxe Andreu

It's been hella dreamy in Northern Spain recently. Sure, Mundaka is its own beast, but there's other locales that'll get your juices going too. Like the above from last week.

Conor Maguire paddling massive Irish slabs

Conor Maguire.

Conor Maguire.

© 2021 - Lighthouse Industries.

Of course the swell made its way up to Ireland too. As you'd expect, one of Ireland's favourite sons in paddle-lord, Conor Maguire was on it.

This swell chart

Shameless plug? Maybe. But when we see a swell chart like this for the North Atlantic, it means it's go time for most of western Europe. And you can see all that this pulse produced above. Everything comes full circle in the end. View the charts, HERE.