The Biggest Bells Forecast in Years is About to Unload


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Don't you just love a sprinkling of pop culture? OK, this likely won't be the 50-year storm for Bells, a reference made (in)famous for taking the life of surfing's favourite stereotype Bodhi in cult classic film Point Break but damn, is this thing going to blow minds.

Our charts at the moment are showing some 35ft plus seas about 1,000 miles off the coast of Bells. And that means, Thursday, Friday and Saturday could be epic – just in time for the end of a certain competition happening right there, right now. And you'll recall? Ill-fated Bodhi waited, patiently, for the 50-year storm, eventually paddling out and succumbing to the whims of his own ambition (RIP).

IT'S THE 50-YEAR STORM. It's not, but you get the picture.

IT'S THE 50-YEAR STORM. It's not, but you get the picture.

And while it may not be as big as the Easter of '81 swell (that's 38-years-ago!) it's still one of the largest swell events we've seen in years for Bells.

For the breakdown, MSW forecaster Tony Butt says: “The southern Indian Ocean currently contains a string of low pressures stacked one behind the other, sending constant medium-sized long-period swell to southwest-facing spots in Australia.

“One of these systems, however, has just started to deepen explosively at the same time as an area of high pressure builds over southwest Australia. The resulting pressure gradient between the two systems means an area of storm-force southwest winds, moving eastwards, and generating a huge pulse of swell towards southwest Victoria and Tasmania.

How the surf height is looking for the next few days.

How the surf height is looking for the next few days.

“The biggest open-ocean wave heights will be generated almost directly south of Victoria, meaning a south-southwest swell direction. This, combined with periods of around 17 secs, should push some epic surf into Bells Beach.

“Today, Thursday, before the main bulk of the swell arrives, conditions are very good at many spots with light to moderate northwest winds and four to six foot surf. The swell then ramps up on Friday, with Bells hitting ten feet or bigger by early afternoon, accompanied by fresh to strong cross-shore winds from the southwest. Wave heights drop again on Saturday, down to around five or six feet, but with better wind conditions in moderate westerlies.”

Wax up those guns, this is going to be a worthy show. Keep an eye on the forecast by going HERE.

Cover shot: Ed Sloane