The Finale: Sunset Sons x Hurley Surf Club

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Boom. This is it – the denouement. Over the past month, the Hurley performance wizards have been helping Jed and Pete from Sunset Sons to hack their surfing.

The boys have been putting all they've learned to good use in France's South West. Here, we check in with Didier Piter, Hurley Surf Club coach, who delivers some important feedback for the Sons. Go HERE to watch the whole series.

“First of all I saw they love surfing and have great ocean knowledge for positioning and wave selection,” says Didier, of his time spent with the students of surf. “I advised them to use the entire wave space and look for the white parts and kiss the lip, rather than kiss the cheek in the blue parts.

“This would give them more speed and possibilities of variety in manoeuvres. For their roundhouse cutback I advised them to use the whitewater rebound as a speed boost for linking into a better following manoeuvre – when the waves do not offer much – rather than a carve where you lose your speed and kill the flow."

And, bonus, stay glued to the end of the above edit to hear the Sunset Sons' overall impressions and how Hurley helped them up their game.