The Fish Makes a Dick of Shapers

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What with the surf media desperately panting after views with Anastasia Ashley's ass and now Paul Fisher surfing that board he shaped as a dick you'd be forgiven for thinking we lived in a 1970's neanderthal parody.

However, the board goes like the proverbial. We imagine more than one friend will be desperate for a go on Paul Fisher's stick before the week is out. "Give me a go on the 'CT on the dick, this is revolution mate." Said a frothing Fish after claiming to smoke Kai Otton in some 2ft mush burgers.

Either way, the Fish just managed to make a mockery of decades of surfboard design, proving that being something of a penis, and surfing a dick, doesn't necessarily make you shred like a phallus. Expect a Bottom Feeder tribute shape in a surf shop near you very soon.