WATCH: The Lone Surfer of Denmark's Bornholm Island

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The Baltic Sea isn't a place you'd expect waves. We know there is though, such as near Denmark off the island of Bornholm. It may be a sheltered landmass, closed off from the open ocean swell, but it can offer up waves when conditions start to jack up, and we mean, really jack up. That's only if you get the daylight for it - the light fades after a few hours in winter and the temperatures will start to plummet, fast. A surfing Mecca, it is not. But for Dennie Hilding, it's all he has, and makes good use of what the island serves up when it does so.

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Dennie moved to Bornholm seven years ago, runs a farm to live sustainably and has entertained the likes of Freddie Meadows – Swedish pro, who's a fan of surfing on Bornholm due to the quietness. The waves? They're certainly serviceable and can whack a bit of punch behind them. And this docu? It's Dennie's story, spread over 20 minutes of wholesome viewing, showing you don't need to travel far to get barrelled. Enjoy.