The Ongoing Saga of Surfers Vs Airlines Continues

Jason Lock

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Updated 287d ago

Just in, more drama in the ongoing saga of surfers vs airlines. This time, it's Eric Geiselman's Lost quiver the recipient of some ill-fated journey.

The culprit? American Air. The damage? A couple of freshies wrecked particularly across the tail. It's another beating for the American airline – remember Alex Gray's quiver that took a flogging courtesy of? Made international headlines? Most recently though, Jake Marshall's quiver was ruined by Tap Portugal. and before, Natxo Gonzalez's whips destroyed by Iberia.

Courtesy of Eric's Insty story. Yikes.

Courtesy of Eric's Insty story. Yikes.

We've all had to pay those extra patronage charges to load up some of our most prized possessions, to leave them at whim or mercy of those who may not understand the delicacy of which they deserve to be handled. Here's hoping for some sort of recompense from American Airlines.