The Quest to Ride the Biggest Wave Ever, Behind the Lines, Ep 1

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Very calculated, and gung ho,' that's how big wave surfing legend Garrett McNamara describes Andrew Cotton, the British big wave surfer who has spent the last few winters carving out a name for himself in the hallowed halls of global big wave surfing.

Ride shotgun with Andrew through the heart of an epic winter season as he experiences intense highs and extreme lows in his hunt for the biggest waves on the planet. In this episode we take a look back at Andrew's journey into the world of big wave surfing to help us understand how he ended up as one of only a handful of riders pushing the boundaries of possibility in a sport where success and failure are never far apart. From the frigid waves of Mullaghmore, Ireland, to record breaking sessions at Nazaré, Portugal, we're in for a wild ride.