The Search for One Eyed Jack

IT'S autumn 2012 and Captain Matt Knight, an accomplished surfer, sailor and adventurer has finished working on his 52' Wharram Catamaran - converting it from a warm climate pleasure cruiser to a hardy and protected cold climate exploration vessel.

The DC shoes UK team chartered "Hecate" on her first cold water surf adventure around the coast of Ireland. A world away from your typical Maldivian gin palace, this was a voyage of new perspectives on lineups as old as surfing itself. The surfers on board were Luke Dillon, Jobe Harriss and Matt's son Taz Knight.

"One Eyed Jack is a fictitious character that represents good luck, and in this case that can be seen as reward for adventure." Said filmer, Mikey Corker "He is what the carrot is to the donkey..."

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley