The South Pacific has Its Own Mentawais

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You want to know how good the waves can get in French Polynesia? We're not talking about Chopes here peeps, this cut was shot a little over the way in the Tuamotu islands, featuring one of the South Pacific's rising lights in Mihimana Braye.

That's a name you may be familiar with. During lockdown, Mihimana's been one of the standouts at Chopes but also, around the uncrowded rights in the Tuamotus.

“We have a lot of potential on the islands,” he tells MSW. “We have our own Mentawaiis, and I called the edit Island Fever because if you ever been there it’s really hot but the waves are fire.” Enjoy the quarantine dream, above. Vid from @maneafabish, @timmckenna, @keanumoux, @domenicmosqueira, @tahitiandreamprod