The Surfing HIIT Workout

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HIIT training is very en vogue nowadays. Maybe because they're condensed, intensive workouts only taking up 20-30 minutes of your day, then you're done – and you can do them at home, so there's no need to haul yourself to the gym.

But this type of exercise is far from the lazy person's alternative. The clue's in the title, High Intensity Interval Training; you spend a period of time working to max effort, say 30 seconds per exercise, followed by a period of rest – again, around the 30 second mark and it's then rinse and repeat.

As you get stronger you can increase those intervals, 40 seconds on and 20 seconds rest, 50 on 10 off – whatever you're feeling up to. Or even complete multiple exercises back-to-back, then take your rest break. Here, Cris Mills aka Surf Strength Coach has put together the surfing HIIT workout, focusing on the latter format.

Push and pull exercises are crucial, he says, yet there's a whole range of movements you can do to improve your strength. As well as the exercises Cris points out in the six min video above, why not throw 30 seconds of push ups into the mix? Or dumbbell jump squats? Dive in.