The Winter Session Final Shortlist

The Winter Session

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Here it is. The Winter Session grand final. We've had a record number of entries into this year's competition, all hoping to scoop the $20,000 cheque.

There's been some incredible waves ridden; from cranking Supertubos, to a love letter from Porthleven on Valentine's Day, and a huge movement from the USA's East Coast contingent, all getting amongst pumping, frigid, winter waves. Thank you everyone who entered, you are all heroes.

From this moment on our hands are tied. The winner is decided by every shortlisted surfer (we shortlist 10 each month and they all get a vote) and there can only be one winner. It is cruel, but necessary. Here are the final eight edits.

Pedro Boonman's Nazare Spectacle

Say what you like about being jaded Nazare at size, Pedro paints Portugal's most ridiculous beachbreak in the most tantalising of lights. Complete with drone and water footage, the young Portuguese gent finds his way through more than enough tubes to make even the most seasoned of surfing traveller green eyed.

Tom Casse's New Jersey Barrel Fest

Tom Casse's New Jersey super session more than fits the bill. Do single sessions get much better than this? And that's what this competition is about after all.

Brett Barley and the Reeling Lefts of the East Coast

Brett Barley is arguably the East Coast's best surfer, so when his eight hour super session landed in our inbox, we knew there was a good chance we'd be watching it on repeat.

Fred Compagnon Shreds on an Alaia

Fred's all about the good times. It shows in his surfing and his choice of tools is as diverse as they come. But it's not just for sake of novelty, Fred reckons Hossegor's hollow bowls are perfectly suited to his finless alaia.

Nic von Rupp's Bonafide Barrel Fest

It's all about commitment. Commitment to push over the ledge, to draw the line and navigate uncertainty. Portugal's Nic von Rupp knows the drill.

Noah Lane's Snowcapped Tubes

Cold, check, thumping tubes, check, A-grade surfing, check. Australia's Noah Lane setup base in Ireland and it's not hard to see why – nor how he's been spending his time.

Brett Barley gets Juiced on The Outer Banks

Sessions like this don't come around too often on the Outer Banks, and who better to captialise on it than Brett Barely the East Coast prince.

The Reason Ben Skinner Called his Kid Leven

Mr longboard innovation himself, Ben Skinner's been an integral part of this year's competition after banging out three edits in the same week. Pushing things at a spot he holds so closely to his heart is as fitting as any entry to the Winter Session.

The Winter Session

The search for winter's wildest ride