The Winter Session Grand Final

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These are the last surfers standing, the ten Winter Session finalists. Many epic sessions have fallen by the wayside, victims to our ruthless monthly culls, but the end results are pretty special. We're truly stoked to have been part of this competition, documenting the best moments from one of the most violent Atlantic winters in memory. The quality and diversity of entries has been astounding, and we'd like to say a thank you everyone who entered, commented or simply shared the stoke.

We're keen to hear your opinion, but there is no need to vote. The winner will be decided by the 38 surfers who made the monthly shortlists. They will pick out one of the above sessions, and the edit with the most votes will win, simple as that. Thank God we don't have to make the decision.

If you'd like to take another browse through all of this season's Winter Sessions, click HERE. There are some real scorchers in there which didn't quite make it through to the final, from Micah Lester at a cold cove to Jobe Harriss tearing a fickle lefthander to shreds. We're already looking forward to next year!