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The Winter Session

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The Winter Session is expanding across the Atlantic and Pacific for 2015 / 16. The search for the definitive session will include all Northern Hemisphere winter swells. Any single session above 35 degrees north will be eligible. No multiple clip collections, this is surfing uninterrupted.

Prize: $20,000 cash for the overall winning edit. Monthly winning surfers and filmers (Nov to Feb) get $500 each to spend on

To enter download the sting HERE and send your edit via to: All entries receive a year's MSW Pro.

Where is 35 degrees north?

We are looking at from San Luis Obispo and up, the Outer Banks and up, through Europe and Asia including Japan and Korea. Locations which roll on a full suit of rubber in the cold months, suffer surfer's ear and know what ice on the windscreen looks like.

What is The Winter Session?

Fundamentally we are looking for the one clip which defines the power and the punch of winter. A 90 second edit shot in one session. It could be one wave or 10 sick barrels but must be one session shot after October 1st 2015. The winning session gets $20,000.

How is it judged?

The competition runs during the winter months of: November, December, January and February.

Step 1: Each month 10 edits will be shortlisted. Each shortlisted surfer will get a vote on who wins The Winter Session. One member one vote.

Step 2: A panel of industry judges will select the two monthly winners from the shortlist who move into the final.

Step 3: All the shortlisted surfers will then vote on the final eight edits.

Step 4: One surfer/filmer duo are awarded the win.

And the prizes?

$20,000 for the winning edit.

The two monthly winners will receive a prize purse to spend on – $500 each for both the shortlisted surfer and filmer.

This will be the third year this series has run. In year one, a fresh faced Conor Maguire was shot like a cannon ball from the bowels of an XXL Mullaghmore pit onto a winner's podium. Year two saw J Flo take the cheque after a barnstorming Hossegor session.

Who knows what will go down as the session of the winter with El Nino threatening to spice up proceedings? We will have Mavericks and the Outer Banks joining Mullaghmore and Supertubos. New Jersey's perfect pits pitched against Hossegor's grinders. Perhaps the winner could come from a Japanese rivermouth bombie? See below. We want to see that charged with purpose.

Somewhere in Japan this bombie breaks regularly during typhoon season.

Somewhere in Japan this bombie breaks regularly during typhoon season.

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A cold winter is just as heart pounding and more challenging than boardshort barrels. Surfers who dedicate their lives to seeking out and charging the might of winter don't need the recognition. They do it because... that is what they do. But a little pocket change wouldn't go amiss.

To enter download the sting HERE and send your edit via to: and we'll do the rest.

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The Winter Session

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