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The Winter Session

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What a way to kick off the 2015 winter season. November has been a tube fest in its own right, with edits from the northern, southern, eastern and western corners of our catchment area – above 35 degrees – all flying into The Winter Session inbox.

Hard as it may be, dropping the guillotine on the shortlisted edits is a necessary evil; and in the Winter Session's third year in existence the task certainly gets no easier.

The Winter Session is the search for those rare capsules of time when the waves exceed expectations. Not just one good wave, but an insane session of multiple pits.

Pedro Boonman's Nazare Spectacle

Say what you like about being jaded Nazare at size, Pedro paints Portugal's most ridiculous beachbreak in the most tantalising of lights. Complete with drone and water footage, the young Portuguese gent finds his way through more than enough tubes to make even the most seasoned of surfing traveller green eyed.

Tom Casse's New Jersey Barrel Fest

Tom Casse's New Jersey super session more than fits the bill. Do single sessions get much better than this? And that's what this competition is about after all.

So a huge congratulations to both Pedro Boonman and Tom Casse who will face the other monthly winners for the top prize at the end of winter. $500 each to spend on will be making its way to you both shortly.

So with the first month of winter all wrapped up, the gates of December are open for entries. To be in with a chance of winning $20,000 cash download the sting HERE and send your edit via to: All entries receive a year's MSW Pro.

The Winter Session

The search for winter's wildest ride