The Winter Session Prizes and FAQ

The Winter Session

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The Winter Session in association with Monster and SWELL isn't about compiling a stack of your best clips. It is the search for the single wildest winter session documented in up to 90 seconds. It could be one 10 second barrel, or 20 waves, but it all has to be shot in a single session. You can enter as many sessions as you like.

The Winter Session details:
Prize: $20,000 cash for the overall winning edit. Monthly winning surfers and filmers (Nov to Feb) get $500 each to spend on

To enter download the sting HERE and send your edit via to: All entries receive a year's MSW Pro.

5 Things You Need to Know

1. Edits are limited to 90 seconds but can be a short as a single wave.
2. A single session at one spot.
3. One surfer per edit.
4. Any session shot after October 1st is eligible. Comp closes end of Feb.
5. Must be above 35 degrees north

Running between November and February, each month we'll be picking two winners (both filmer and surfer receive $500 spend on SWELL to put through to the grand final. The winning edit, as judged by the all shortlisted competitors snags a $20K prize purse.

This is what 35 degrees north looks like.

This is what 35 degrees north looks like.

To enter download the sting HERE and send your 90 second edit via wetransfer to: and we'll do the rest.

How to Enter
Entries are limited to Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean fringe. Open to anyone within the area of eligibility (see above map).

The rules are minimal, let your surfing do the talking. All we want is up to 90 seconds of your winter. Be it: Mavericks, S Turns, Mully, Graviere or Barcelona's beachbreaks, we want to see what you've scored. Any session surfed after October 1st 2015 is eligible and the first edits go live on November 1st.

Running in four blocks between November and February, this competition will pick a shortlist of 10 surfers each and every month, two of which will be selected as winners and will move into the grand final.

These two monthly winners will be selected from an alchemy of votes, views, feedback, and pure oomph, by a panel in-house. The eventual winner? Well that's up to the competitors themselves.

Uniquely, rather than farm for likes and spam the inboxes of Mars and Venus, the final winning edit will be judged by a jury of your peers formed from every shortlisted surfer. One member, one vote. The winner, the videographer and a friend get a £5K travel budget with a whole bunch of Nixon travel essentials.

To enter send your edit via to: and we'll do the rest.

We're stoked to see what you're going to get up to.

Small print

- Edit must be no longer than 90 seconds, no minimum length.
- Session must be surfed after October 1st, 2015
- Each monthly winner receives a $500 voucher for SWELL
- Max video size 500Mb
- Limited to anywhere above 35 Degrees North
- Judges decision is final
- Music rights are the responsibly of the submitter
- Hashtag is #thewintersession

The Winter Session

The search for winter's wildest ride