"This Board Survived the Biggest Ever Indo Swell, But Couldn't Survive Baggage Handlers"

Jason Lock

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Oh here we go again. It's another round of airlines vs surfboards. This time, the culprit is Lion Air and the victim, none other than big wave's favourite hellman, Mark Healey.

Mark was on his return from the biggest, gnarliest, ugliest and yet most visually stimulating swell to have pulsed into Indo in the last four decades. And if a board can survive that type of punishment surely dealt out as a result of those waves, then there's no reason why it can't survive a flight.

And would ya look at that...

And would ya look at that...

Well, that'd be asking a bit much now, wouldn't it? As Mr Healey notes in his IG story: “A board like this (double 6oz glass with a thick stringer) does not break easily. Hard not to think this wasn't damaged intentionally by @lionairgroup. This board has survived the biggest swell in memory here in Indo but can't survive your baggage handlers @lionairlines??”

Some questions that deserve answers.