The man behind Red Bull Cape Fear, Mark Mathews was joined by a few friends down at Cape Fear last week on what Mathews decided was a swell too small to hold the event in.

With the massive waiting periods for the Cape Fear and the Shark Island Challenge in full swing, when swells like this one appear on the maps heading towards Sydney, heads turn towards those capable of switching on the green light.

A super clean, long period ESE groundswell off the Tasman Sea peaked in the 5-6ft range, combining with a crisp westerly wind. That meant that although the swell wasn't quite adequate for Mark Matthews, it still produced plenty of thrills and spills. You can see the swell was produced by a typical East Coast low with a long straight easterly fetch so beloved at Cape Fear.

Ours Roared, This Time Last Week

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With another solid swell approaching Australia's East Coast for the weekend and a turn in swell direction to the south east, organisers of the Shark Island Challenge have suggested a possible start for Sunday 20th July, so it looks as though there could still be more action from Sydney on its way over the next week. Check out the chart here.

Chris Hunt

Writer and Content Manager at MSW