Tom Curren's Modified Skimboard and a Dreamy Right Point

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Tom Curren likes to play and experiment with quirky crafts. A modified skimboard given to him by Brad Domke is his latest love and this probably isn't the first time you've seen him slide it. The latest upgrade however, are a pair of S-Wings fins.

After meeting Moroccan, Jérôme Sahyoun in Bali who had a prototype pair, Tom was of course curious, plugging them into Mason Ho's Mark Richards Super Twin at Uluwatu, (see here at 7.20). Since then, those fins have made their way under the deck of that custom disc and over to a dreamy, barrelling right hand point in Morocco. Including Mr Sahyoun himself, enjoy a smooth four minutes oozing classic Curren style.

Craig Murch

MSW Content Editor