Tom Hits Scottish Waves

Tom Hits Scottish Waves edit

Tom ButlerNewquay's British surf champion, Tom Butler, has braved the most challenging wave in Fargo, northern Scotland.

Last month, Quiver Surf Boards, (Toms Sponsor's) supported Tom and his team's trip to Scotland in the hope that he would crack a particular coast line that is famous amongst the surfing community, in particular in northern Scotland for producing perfect, big, heavy, powerful and intense waves. Due to Tom's popularity and status in the surfing world, Quiver organised a 'big wave photo shoot which will be released in this month's Carve magazine'.

The team of three, which included Newquay born Mitch Corbett, the first person ever to surf this particular wave accompanied Tom to Scotland. In December last year Mitch was in Treliske Hospital in Truro on a life support machine for 5 days due to a severe head injury. Being lucky to be alive, let alone being able to surf again, Mitch ripped up the waves like the best of them.

Tom said, "The trip to Scotland was special for both Mitch and myself, for both of us to be surfing these crazy, scary waves together, shows his strong personality, desire and dedication to get back to where he was before the accident".

Having had trouble with their jet ski, Tom not one for missing an opportunity decided to paddle the wave and from the left hand side, became the first person to ever accomplish this daring feat. Tom continues; "We have some of the best big wave spot's in the world here in the Great British Isles; I get the most excited when the sea conditions are big and challenging. I'm going to be pushing myself in the bigger stuff a lot this year and can't wait for the first big swell's to start hitting our coasts. I'll be setting off on a fair few surf trips over the course of 2010 taking a jet ski (sponsored by Cornwall entertainment) with the intentions of finding the biggest barrels out there to ride".

Tom has recently launched his own company TB Surfing which allows fans to follow his progress by providing various links to social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and FaceBook. The new easy to use website will list all of Tom's events via an online calendar and will offer unique coaching packages by the surfing champion himself.

Tom's website was built and supported by the Joe Way Appeal team in recognition for Tom's dedicated support of which he is now an ambassador of. Tom will be supporting the Paddle for Life event in September this year.

tom butler

tom butler

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