Trailer: Torren Martyn's Latest Flick is a Motorbike Road Trip in New Zealand

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New Zealand's a desirable place right now. Progressive, peaceful, corona free and plenty of cold water set ups, that are ripe for the travelling surfer.

Last year, in the grip of winter, Torren Martyn and filmmaker Ishka Folkwell, backed by needessentials took three months to explore the New Zealand coast on motorbikes for their latest surf film, Lost Track.

They discovered that riding around New Zealand is hard work, there's a lot of mountains, which means a trip filled with switch backs and very few straight roads.

But if you’ve got time on your hands, a pair of custom Royal Enfield bikes with board racks and some good rubber then you're in for some form of modern adventure. The pair find all sorts of surf with just fur seals for company. Set to a soundtrack composed by Headland and Nick Bampton, Lost Track is another Torren classic. Full movie will drop next month.