Trump's Beach Destroying Seawall Has Just Been Approved

Jason Lock

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More than a year ago, plans were submitted by the Trump owned estate on Ireland's Doughmore Beach, a semi-consistent surf spot, to build a 200,000 tonne seawall, that would 'destroy' a picturesque beach and surf spot, in order to save his multi-million pound golf resort.

Back in December, 2016, these plans were lodged from Trump's beach-side Doonbeg Golf Resort in County Clare, but were ultimately thrown out by the local council, after receiving mass opposition and a petition of around 100,00 signatures against the seawall.

But last month, new plans by the Trump International Golf Links (TIGL) were approved by Clare County Council and although the plans are slightly scaled back, they will now see two seawalls being constructed along that stretch of coastline, measuring 2,000 feet long and 840 feet long.

And oh, the hypocrisy! Trump's flagrant disregard for climate change. His calls of a hoax, to shout down science in the face of business acquisition, a stroppy pre-teen sat in the back of a classroom alongside those equipped with far superior knowledge. The irony of his pedestal swagger, swatting off climate change as a fabrication, to only go and fight so vehemently for a scheme that is the result of the very thing he chooses to place head in sand over.

Well, now, campaign group Save The Waves, set up to help protect surf spots across the globe are launching a Judicial Review, to be taken to the High Court, in order to overturn the decision and preserve the beach.

Nick Mucha, director of Save The Waves, said: “Local politics, fuelled by President Trump’s imposing rhetoric, prevailed over a science-based, global opposition. We anticipated this outcome and have already begun plotting our next steps with local partners.

"We will be appealing this decision to the Planning Appeals Board and are hopeful that this will allow for an impartial review of the application. Our body of evidence against this application is highly compelling and we look forward to it’s prudent review.”

After MSW broke the news of Trump's plan to destroy this Irish treasure, Save The Waves launched  the #NatureTrumpsWalls campaign in 2016 to oppose TIGL’s original 3km seawall proposal. Through that campaign a petition of more than 100,000 signatures was filed to the local council, stoppering the original proposal.

And although new plans from TIGL are smaller in scale, the proposal would accelerate erosion in the areas adjacent to the seawalls and, ultimately, create a scenario for additional seawalls. A panel of renowned coastal experts working with the #NatureTrumpsWalls campaign asserted that “We want to emphasize our absolute certainty that the proposed seawalls will destroy the beach in front of them and will increase the rate of erosion on adjacent beaches. The only question is the timing — will it happen in a few years or will it happen in a decade or two. It will happen.”