Tube Interlude

CREATIVE Destruction, Chapter 6.2. The much anticipated main event, bombing Palikir Pass.

When this session went down the surf newswire went haywire, emails burning with superlatives and stills backing it up. Unusually for our interconnected world its taken weeks for the video to drop, almost a lifetime ago by web standards.

Fortunately it doesn't disappoint. "The wave itself is probably just as good as it gets." Said Taj "It's just like those little cartoon drawings you draw when you're in school. Just perfect right-hand peeling barrels."

Yet again the CD boys have sprinkled their production magic on a session which despite needing no gimmicks is presented in a refreshing manner, demanding you sit-up and take notice.

"The whole thought process was to play music to the surfing instead of edit the surfing to the music" Said Wade.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley