Tube Trippin'

DARK tales from deepest Java in this exclusive G-Land vid shot by resident guide Jarred Hancox. If you're not familiar with G-Land then swing by there and get friendly, easily one of the top three waves in Indonesia.

""Filmed entirely at G-Land with a GoPro and a Handycam, along with some new angles, Tube Trippin' is the sequel to my video Tales from the Tube I made earlier this year." Said Jarred who sat there for a week trying to squeak the damn thing up rusty Indo internet pipes for us to upload onto his Vimeo account. The unseen lengths we go to viewer, in order to bring you these three minutes of fun.

"These are some of my best clips from the 2011 season. My cousin Lance Rogers, aka DJ Nu-Ark, spent many hours creating and mastering the song 'Before the Beyond' especially for this video clip. Please sit back, and go trippin' in the tube with me."

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley