UK Summer Shootout

IN conjunction with Plymouth Museum's Endless Summer exhibition we are hosting a UK Summer Photo Shootout. All you need to do to enter is upload your surfing photos from around the UK in the next seven days. Closing date is 11pm on Monday, July 16th.

It could be a surfing photo out of an old album, one you've had published or an upload of an image from a recent session, anything goes so long as was shot in the United Kingdom. The top 10 images will be shortlisted by public vote and adjudicated by our esteemed panel (the msw office, ahem) before being displayed at Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery from July 21st until October 6th.

The top image will be decided by head judge Alex Williams (surf photographer extraordinaire) will receive a Fourth by Luke Hart custom made shortboad courtesy of MSW as displayed in the exhibition (or equivalent if it's not the right size for you).

Tag photo with: UK Summer Shootout

You can upload your photos HERE.

You'll be able to view all the entries HERE or by ordering through the UK Summer Shootout tag.

File size: make them a normal size and we will contact you for the high resolution print files.

A little bit of info in the caption: who/what/when/where goes a long way. Get snapping/uploading and good luck

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley