Under The Weather - Surfing in New Zealand

THE film Under The Weather - Surfing in New Zealand takes a journey from the far North to the deep South and many places in-between.

A true labour of love, Damon Meade raised the funding for this full length project via crowdsourcing at socialbacking.com. He wanted 14 Grand and ended up with 18, so presumably he made the movie and had the mother of all parties. Along for the ride were top Kiwi surfers: Maz Quinn, Ricardo Christie, Bobby Hansen, Johnny Hicks, Luke Cederman, Billy Stairmand and friends.

It's a weird and occasionally wonderful world out there for independent filmmakers so we're stoked to have helped out in a small way in what is a smoking production. New Zealand doesn't have pockets of undiscovered surf, it has seemingly endless remote beachies and points. At 18 minutes there's a left which popped our tiny minds, phew.

Make a cup of tea, stick on the headphones and enjoy...

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Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley