UNDER THREAT: Australia's 'Best Beachbreak'

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Nestled off Oz's souternmost tip, in the western fringes of the Bass Strait, lies Kind Island, one of 300 that make up the state of Tasmania. And, as you can imagine, is ripe for sucking up swell from the southern Indian Ocean.

But on the north coast of King Island is a beachbreak hailed as perhaps one of Oz's best beachbreaks at Martha Lavinia, a pristine stretch of coastline that serves as a high performance arena, featuring A-frames all along the beach.

And it's this stretch that is now under threat by a proposed fish farm, which, locals say, will ruin the spot. The company in question is Tassal, an Oz-based salmon farming company who have been granted a permit to research the potential for setting up a facility there.

Recently, pro surfers, locals, filmmakers and more have spoken out in protest over the plans. According to Surfrider Aus, a campaign group set up to protect endangered waves: “[We've] just visited King Island with Surfrider Ambassador, Barton Lynch where we met with the local community to hear their views on the proposed Tassal fish farms threatening Martha Lavinia Beach surf break.

How the fish farm in question could look.

How the fish farm in question could look.

“Their views were unanimous - No to fish farms on King Island. Not only do these farms threaten the world famous surf break but the broader community is also extremely concerned about the threat of disease, fish escapes and increased predators in the water that threaten not only their livelihoods but the reasons they choose to live in one of the most beautiful and pristine parts of the world.

“They fish, dive or surf daily and this would be threatened by an outside company coming in to capitalise on the natural, pristine conditions.

“This is no place for an industrial fish farm. We will continue the fight to save this amazing wave. Please sign the petition to stop the development and help save our wave. Your break could be next.”

To lend your support to the cause, check the FB page HERE.