VANHUNK Boards arriving India soon.

There’s a town called Puri on the Eastern Coast of India. Vanhunks has kindly been invited by Sanjay Ray and his Surfing Yogi’s to visit their hometown in the Indian State of Orissa. Vanhunks will arrive around about the same time as the Monsoon!

In conjunction with Surfing Yogis, Vanhunks feels fortunate in being allowed the opportunity to explore the possibilities of introducing surfing to Orissa and potentially the rest of India.
Ahead of us we will be sending a range of boards that will cater for fun, both in water and on land. We anticipate leisure as well as exciting extreme sports, such as kiting. The beaches of Puri and the beautiful Lake Chillika sounds ideal for playing with Stand Up Paddles (SUP’s). No one will be stopped to grab a Vanhunks surfboard and try out the waves of the Indian Ocean. And if getting wet is not your thing, we’ll have our skateboards and Gyroboard available too!

On our trip to Puri (India), Vanhunks will explore how our range of products can add to the lifestyle of locals as well as cheer up holidays and entertain tourists. Vanhunks identifies with the authenticity of Puri and therefore would want to add value to unifying people and nature.