Vive La France, Surfing Hossegor - Southbound Ep. 4

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THE 4th episode of the Southbound series sees Mikey Corker dropping anchor on the sunny shores of one of the great crossroads of surf culture, the South West corner of France.

In Europe's well-trodden surf destination he met-up with locals Adrien Valero and Vincent Duvignac, South African transplant and La Gravierre tube hound Kevin Olsen, as well as nomadic explorer Jayce Robinson still persevering with his beard. Lucking into a swell we get to see the crew revelling in some of the watery jewels that draw surfers from all over the planet to this summer honey pot. Plus some bonus boundary-breaking aquabatic antics, lured to the region by baguettes, barrels, and the odd ramp.