Wall of Skulls - Tahiti with Laurie & Wade

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LAURIE Towner and Wade Goodall head to Tahiti chasing a massive South Pacific swell alongside the rest of the world. Wade had never towed at size before and this was a zoo-like caldron where catching a wave was nigh-on impossible and the consequences of a bad decision potentially fatal.

The whole world was in attendance. Dave Wassel called some of the attempts he saw "preposterous" and ain't that the truth. Often the crowd forced surfers into making bad decisions, going later or deeper than they would otherwise have attempted. Here we have 10 minutes of mind-bending footage from the Blood in the Water Teahupoo swell in May, 2013. As bang-on an attempt at a complete narrative of those few days as we've seen. Terrifying.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley