WATCH: 8 Insane Rides from the Biggest, Meanest Puerto Escondido in Years

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Cover shot is a general view of Puerto Escondido from Edwin Morales in 2017. The real meat's in the vids below. Dig in.

Finally, Mexpipe's awakened from its three year slumber. You can bet that after such a hiatus, locals and a cast of big wave protagonists were frothed to the hilt at this late season super session that blipped on the radar for Puerto Escondido last week.

Lensman Edwin Morales has been stationed on the beach throughout, capturing pretty much every crazy ride, every wipeout, every drilled to the sand under a mountain of water and everything in between.

Live cam: Puerto Escondido

Oh and there's more on the way, according to our swell charts. This is Hurricane Marie as of today. Keep an eye on the chart, HERE.

Oh and there's more on the way, according to our swell charts. This is Hurricane Marie as of today. Keep an eye on the chart, HERE.

“We've had no big swells in the past three years,” Edwin confirms to MSW. But this session “packed a lot of power, heavy and big conditions.” September 29, the swell came good and stretched through to Friday, October 1. Right here, we've taken the best rides from the past few days (and a bonus, chunky wipeout). Which tickles you for the best of the session? Sound off in the comments below.

Marcial Monreal

© 2020 - Edwin Morales

Arcial Monreal's line here is crazy. Hucks over the lip, into a tube, holds on and ultimately gets crunched at the end. But the commitment level is AAA.

Greg Long

© 2020 - Edwin Morales

The merits of Greg Long are vast. Calculated, calm, it's not just any wave Greg will throw himself on to. But when he does, it's sure as hell going to be one of the best of the day.

Bianca Valenti

© 2020 - Edwin Morales

The queen of Puerto Escondido is back. Here, she tucks into a plus-sized keg, gets deep and makes it clean before ejecting into the white water. Years of mastery paying off.

Jafet Ramos

© 2020 - Edwin Morales

There were many clips we could have chosen to showcase the prowess of Jafet Ramos, but this one sums them all up quite neatly. Comfortable and charging.

Cesar Petroni

© 2020 - Edwin Morales

Clean take off, rail grab, shot out after the spit. It's a 10 in competition, probably. Clinical from the local lad.

Nic Lamb

© 2020 - Edwin Morales

Nic Lamb's been a little quiet recently. Allow the following to put a pin in that thought and forgive the small claim/appreciation at the end.

Teuhen Petroni

© 2020 - Edwin Morales

Ok, the boog at the start is kinda funky but Teuhen Petroni's bomb afterwards...oh my. He gets clamped but that really doesn't matter. This thing's a monster.

BONUS: Wipeout of the day

© 2020 - Edwin Morales

Gotta admire the commitment but this is a real spine tingler. Skipping like a stone down a liquid mountain before a face full of sand. Kudos for the effort.