WATCH IN FULL: A Byron Bay Banger of a Surf Film

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You know what's cool - surf films. You know what's even cooler - free surf films with a 90's punk vibe set in the van-life capital of Byron Bay.

Nick Colbey, the mastermind behind last year's Australian surf adventure flick Hooroo, has narrowed his vision towards the coastal paradise in New South Wales for his next full-length release. The result is a fast-paced, electric ripper of a surf film with wild shenanigans in and out of the water.

"Byron’s a crazy melting pot of locals, blow-ins and tourists, a really consistent place for fun waves, thick crowds but beautiful beaches,” said director Nick Colbey.

"I think the special thing is that with so many people here it still has its local larrikins and history of surfing families and people who have called this place home for generations."

And as for the film title Desmond?

"Desmond is Byron Bay lingo, kind of a write off but also used in a funny way, if a mate is being annoying or talking it up you could say, "whatever Desmond!"

Filming began at the end of last year, but a weird lack of waves took the movie in a different direction and made it what it is - a banger of a Byron Bay compilation from the people who know it best.

"Ben King was a role model for all of us and our old president of Byron Bay Boardriders. He was the heart of Byron, a builder and lover of surfing. He passed away over a decade ago but I know he would have loved a film about the local surfers in Byron, so it's in dedication of B.K. Rest In Peace."

Check out Nick's flick Desmond, above.