WATCH: An Irishman Finds Wave Solace in The Volcanic Islands of Macaronesia

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A volcanic island chain in the heart of the North Atlantic's Macaronesia region is the ideal setup for a goose chase. Just think, stretches of cragged coastline that can house powerful swells, a small archipelago that faces the full brunt of roaring storms. Delightful.

Here, Irishman Eoin McCarthy Deering gets amongst the locals pre-lockdown in front of the lens of Freddie Browne. Takes a little while to get going, this one, but we get a glimpse into life on the islands and some snarling kegs.

“The island is remotely located with its own local weather systems which are known to be completely unpredictable,” says Freddie. “Hence the waves and weather scored on this trip were a gift considering the curtailed time window due to an emerging pandemic. It was the breathtaking scenery and relaxed local vibe that made this trip so memorable.”