Watch: Barrelled Man Narrowly Escapes Jet Ski to the Head

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The jet ski. Barrels made basic, almost effortless if you know what you're doing. And while the Goldie's been on a recent pump, you better believe there have been a few cowboys trying to gain easy access to Queensland's speeding hollows.

But without the know-how to properly pilot a ski in and around head-high walls, there's always the chance that snagging those simple cover-ups can go wrong, very quickly. Two days ago at Currumbin Alley, the below happened:

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The sequence was captured by 16 year-old Luke Workman who told the Gold Coast Bulletin: “Everyone was just amazed and in shock after they fell, he got sucked backwards into the wave while his mate was in the barrel. They were on one of the smaller waves that came through as well.”

Luckily, the pair were somehow unharmed and managed to get back to their ski before surfing the rest of the day under paddle power only. But it serves as yet another warning, especially when there are others in the lineup, these 350kg crafts can make for very dangerous toys when not properly operated.

Craig Murch

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