WATCH: Biggest Teahupoo in Years

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Remember when Teahupoo went XXL a week or so ago? Some of the best waves we've seen out of the end of the road in years, wrangled by a crew of hellmen, a session so big the trials were called off. Right here, is Koa Rothman's take on the situation and damn, the energy from the channel is palpable.

This is perfect insight into how it feels to be sat watching one of the heaviest waves in the world. Koa packs one of, if not the, wave of the day in the first couple of minutes and the rest is a swan song to an epic day of waves. Nate Florence is in here too, giving a run down of his wipeout and a trip to the reef. Head over to the 9 minutes mark for that. Quite possibly the best way to witness all that went down on that historic day.

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