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WATCH: Body Surfing XXL Lanzarote

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This explosive run of swell that smacked Europe last week is the gift that keeps on giving. Now, Erraji Ahmed has just dropped a cut of him bodysurfing XXL Lanzarote – the northernmost Canary Island off the coast of Morocco.

And how often does Lanza get this good? “A swell of this magnitude, maybe once every four to five years,” Erraji says. “I live in front of the sea, and at night I felt the power and the impact of the storm. I opened the window at 7am and the sound of it was crazy.

“I jumped from the harbour and swam 1km offshore to face intimidating conditions, including some rip currents, slabs, rocks... Surfed there alone on the first day. I dream of days like this. It was amazing to feel the raw power and the beauty of mother nature.” Hit play above.