WATCH: Dane Reynolds, Harry Bryant, Nathan Fletcher, Pat Gudauskas and More in Pentacoastal

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The Vans roster of surf protagonists sure is lucrative, and right here, they've pulled together for the first flick dropping from the ol' black and white checks that we've seen in a while – but boy, was it worth the wait.

Dane Reynolds, Harry Bryant, Pat and Tanner Gudang, Mr Nathan Fletcher, Kyuss King – wonder grom turned full fledged rippah. The premise? It's so wonderfull Vans: “[A] subliminal narrative which follows a quasi-recursive map depicted by a pentagram drawn on the map of Australia.”

And that's just the kick off point. Hit play above because this thing is a wild ride.

Here's the map, in case you were pondering.

Here's the map, in case you were pondering.