WATCH: European Pipeline Awakens!

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Last week, Europe's answer to Pipeline woke up as this massive swell marched in to Europe and beyond. You've probably already seen Manu Lezcano's wave – one he caught after taking a heavy wipeout leaving a hole in his back. Yeah, these legends will go full warrior mode when home looks like this.

“We´ve been waiting for a while for this spot to turn on, size and swell direction has not cooperated, winds have not been on our side too,” said filmer Manu Miguelez about this juggernaut in the Canary Islands.

“It was basically the first day that the conditions lined up for a solid session in the mythical break and you could really feel the nerves and excitement.”

Those nerves? That's because the first peak here was hollow, heavy and barrelling – right over shallow rock.

“Local charger Manu Lezcano was out there early in the morning, he packed three heavy waves in a row, didn't make them,” said Miguelez. “On the last one was sent to the bottom hitting hard and calling his morning session off.

“A few hours later saw him walking back to the wave with an impact vest on. You could see he was on kind of pain by the way he was walking. He just paddled out and packed some gnarly ones - he couldn’t miss out a day like this one.”

Renowned local and ex-pro surfer Jose Maria Cabrera said: “ This year we haven’t really surfed here. This was the first day of the season. It is not an easy wave and no matter how much you have surf it, you have to continue to respect this place and you think twice about every wave.

“You feel nervous, you feel the adrenaline, fear, the swell was too north – which is not the best direction for it.

“But at the end I was happy to be out there and get to enjoy it with all the locals and everyone supporting us.”

Local young gun Cristian portelli added: “It was one of those days where it looked really perfect in the images but the reality was, it was really hard to get a good one.

“I paddled out with Jose, after Manu had hit the bottom, so we were a bit nervous and felt a bit unsafe.

“Tried so hard to pick off the right ones. Difficult to find them and I was under gunned but sent it any way. Jose got really good waves, he knows the ones to pick, but yeah, we were both nervous. Luis Diazur blew his knee out too.

“Think I went one hour without get a wave, last one was good, never been so deep in the tube at here, so that felt amazing.”

Surfers in order of appearacnche; Cristian Pórtelli, Manu Lezcano, Portelli again, Manu, Jonathan Gonzalez, the goofy footer is José María Cabrera, bodyboarders with the second peak tube and the inverted air is Ruyman Rey, next wave is Norman Landa and the last wave is Jonathan Gonzalez again.