WATCH: Europe's 'Most Dangerous Wave' Shot at 1,000FPS

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Look, there are many waves around Europe that could be bestowed with the moniker of most dangerous. But right up there is perhaps Portugal's Cave. A throwing slab on its day that's pretty challenging to say the least – and then there's always the possibility it'd sooner snap you in two than anything else. If you do make it through though, it is one of the greatest waves and feelings of relief around.

You get the idea... so to slow all that drama and tension down, shooting at 1,000fps, while maintaining that lens clarity is kind of like nothing we've seen before from Cave. Super slow mo isn't a thing that's really made its way into surfing – yet. But it sure paints a different picture of the action, holding onto those moments just a little bit longer adds some sort of depth to the experience. Anyway, hit play above, it's guaranteed to make you feel something.