WATCH: Ever Wondered if a Surfboard Could Double up as a Snowboard?


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Short answer is 'yes!' The long answer? Well, that's one that's been boiling in the brain of French snowboarder Mathieu Crepel, who had a wild dream to surf one board then use that same thing on the mountains too. Can a whip with no bindings and fins work for both arenas?

From the first prototype designed 'for fun' in the studio of the famous shaper Axel Lorentz from Pukas, to the reality of a unique handmade hybrid board, the result is pretty stunning. And the above edit. One Board, Two Worlds brings us from the waves of the Basque Country to the Pyrenees mountains, for an unexpected encounter between these two elements, so cherished by Mathieu Crepel.

With this film, the French snowboarder was looking to go back to simple things without any performance objective. The idea was just to enjoy these two worlds and get back to the basics of boardsports.

Mathieu and his videographer and photographer friend Guillaume Arrieta travelled within a 100km radius to shoot this adventure, spending time in a refuge in the mountains before heading to the ocean this summer.

"We have created an original visual work with the idea of bringing together the two worlds, the two matters: the ocean and the mountains. For me it was important to give the viewer the opportunity to question himself and to make his own choice about what he sees," says Guillaume Arrieta. "I'm talking about the "double exposure" technique that is practiced in photography but very rarely in video."

For Axel Lorentz, board shaper, "Mathieu's project was a bit crazy, it was a great challenge for me but what a chance to bring together my two great passions for shaping and snowboarding. A great adventure between friends, well highlighted by Guillaume." Hit play above.