WATCH: Exploring A New Costa Rican Gold Mine with Pierre Louis Costes

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For years, Pierre Louis Costes has been at the top of the bodyboard game. But we don't need to tell you that. A few weeks ago, the French-born, Morocco-sculpted, 31-year-old dropped a 30 minute epic, detailing a new wave in Costa Rica and surfing across Portugal – and it is one heck of a wild journey.

But flecked in this visual odyssey are the highlights from PLC's career, all the highs, all the lows – and the makings of one of bodyboard's most prolific competitors. In light of the release of the above film, Seamus McGoldrick, aka, Shambles, sat down with PLC to talk a new wave in Costa Rica, travel under COVID and much more.

Shambles: Let's talk about that trip to Costa Rica!
PLC: As my main sponsor Pride Bodyboard and I wanted to celebrate our 10th year of partnership, we wanted to mark the occasion and do something special.

With the second wave of the pandemic hitting Europe this winter and the rest of the world, our options started to become limited but Costa Rica was one of the few countries with their frontiers open.

The main idea was to wait for a big swell. I always dreamed of visiting this country, this is one of the most beautiful place on earth and I did not expect to surf the waves I did.

How have the 2021 lockdown restrictions affected you and your family? How has it affected your travel plans?
As the pandemic getting worse in Europe, the countries started to forbid people to travel and our main idea to fly for a swell became something that potentially could have been cancelled last minute.

Instead, I changed the original plan and flew to Costa Rica with the family for a month  in order to make the most out of all the best days in between that time.

Unfortunately, my wife and I tested positive for COVID before travelling and we had to once again changed our plans, we had to do a quarantine at home and wait 15 days before travelling again.

We were pretty down at that time but it turned out to be the best thing to happen for the trip as we scored the swell of the season because of pushing our flights 15 days longer, another proof that sometimes, things happen for a reason.

How do you see the professional bodyboarding contests getting back up and running. Will there be Fronton King this year, for example?
I mean this pandemic is a big challenge for anyone and we didn’t have the choice but to wait for things to get better, most of the sports who are back to kind of normal are sports with a lot of money with a business depending on those events.

We as bodyboarders don’t have the same capacity but things are getting better and it seems like at an international scale, Sintra and Fronton will go ahead, not sure about a world tour as a whole with still so many restrictions to travel but I believe in a strong tour in 2022 regardless of how this year will finish.

I know I will participate once again in the national Portuguese circuit and attend all the events I can feasibly go.