WATCH: France's Summer Sessions

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The summer in Europe has been one of the worst for waves in recent memory. Sure, the North Atlantic goes into a slumber during the warmer months, but there's at least something going on that's at least surfable. This summer though; weeks of groundhog day, stiff onshore breezes and a particularly strong bout of high pressure earlier in the season, have all helped to axe surf time dramatically.

Last weekend though, and the weekend before, a little pulse of hope shot straight into the Bay of Biscay and to the shores of south west France. “The only two sessions in August,” says David Berthet, from Rip it Up, who cut the above vid from those couple days in the drink.

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Does this get the juices flowing for the upcoming autumn? All that power of the North Atlantic will begin to spin up again as Europe looks to the promised month of September, through October and onwards.

The vid above features some formiddable homegrown talent, like, Tom Ehrnard, Arthur Lasse, Keoni, Enzo Cavallini, Mathis Crozon, PV Laborde, Jao Errera, Patrick Beven, Thomas Debierre, Arnaud Darrigade, Francois Guilhemsang and Willi Aliotti. Hit play above.