WATCH: Hard Hitting Music Vid Highlights Marine Litter Crisis

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The marine litter plastic crisis is well known. Across all mediums of media, pushes are being made to tackle single-use plastics. But this is just one aspect of a much larger problem.

Novo Amor is now highlighting the plight through latest music video Birthplace. He said: “The presence of plastic waste littering our oceans is not a new issue, but it’s an issue that has been worsening for years and is something that we can and should be addressing.

“The problem is not only a threat to marine life, but to the entire food chain, our whole ecosystem. When something impacts wildlife in such a profound way, we can expect it to impact upon us. The problems are manifold, the repercussions shocking, but there are ways in which we can raise awareness of such an urgent issue, and counter it.” 

Watch above and judge for yourself.