Watch: 'Home' a Stunning Love Letter to England's North East

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What do you know about surfing in the north east of England? Answer is probably not much (but here's a taste, FYI and a local legend here too) and that's ok. But this vibrant coastline harbours a die hard and dedicated surf community who lap up cold, heavy water – it's an acquired taste, sure, but for those live there, this is Home which is also the name of this edit above, masterfully shot by local lensperson Lewis Arnold.

This one follows Aussie surfer Rhys Smith, who shifted over to England's north just as lockdown kicked off. “Some of the slabs around here are really intense and really intimidating,” he says. “There's a lot of heavy water that comes of the North Sea and when it finds the right headland here, it's powerful.” The film has been released to accompany the launch edition of GLASS // V01 // The North Sea, an independent, limited-edition photobook that curates surf photography, art and writing from respected creatives and emerging talent across all North Sea nations -- see HERE.

Hit play above to get some insight into just how those slabs look. And, FYI, there's a colossal pulse of swell up that way right now. More on that, very soon.